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The retail cost of concert New York Steinway or Vienna Bosendorfer is about $200,000. The high cost is due to the fact that these instruments are entirely handcrafted and take at least two years to make. Other pianos that rival these in quality are the Italian Fazioli or the German Bechstein Steinway and Bösendorfer are both top-tier, hand-built pianos. However, there are differences in the design and sound of these instruments that can make one more appropriate than the other under certain circumstances. Steinway is found on stages t.. I find it unfortunate that Bechstein has moved in design over the past, what, 15 years or so, towards being closer to a Steinway and a Yamaha, than to the characteristics of the old Bechstein pianos, which were one of my favorites (I have a really old one that has a soul; I'll be recording some Schumann in the next few weeks if you want to hear it). Gone are the transparency of sound, and.

Steinway war bis zum Zweiten Weltkrieg von einer Monopolstellung weit entfernt. Zu seinen mächtigsten Gegenspielern gehörte damals Bechstein: »Es gab zwei dominierende Klangphilosophien«, erklärt uns der Berliner Klavierbauer Christophorus Goecke, der früher übrigens selbst bei Bechstein arbeitete: Dem transparenteren, schlankeren, lyrisch-herben Klang der Berliner Instrumente, den. Bechstein pianos are impeccably made and are orchestrally voiced, a concept that the company says is related to the change of timbre at different velocities of touch. Warranty: 5 years, parts and labor, to original purchaser. Price Range: Elegance 124: $42,400 - $47,000. Concert 8 : $70,000 -$78,000. 2. Blüthner Pianos . Model S Blüthner builds approximately 100 verticals a year in. Album on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/piano-masterworks/id779650866 Buy CD: http://www.dehaske.com/product/detail/58470/piano-masterworks Sheet. Press more button and click on timing before piano model you want to listen to. 0:00 Steinway B211 1:18 Forster 170 2:39 Pfeiffer 191 4:00 Fazioli 212 4:57..

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  1. Steinway Cost vs Yamaha Cost. One of the reasons people ask about Steinway and Yamaha is because their price points are so wide in contrast. The perception is that because a Steinway might retail at $190,000 that something must be terribly wrong with that $70,000 Yamaha. That's not the case at all, and a lot of it comes down to marketing. Taking a look at any pricing chart the lower end.
  2. Mit Bechstein ist es ähnlich wie mit Steinway: Du zahlst für das Markenrenommée einen heftigen Aufschlag. Ein Bechsteinflügel etwa ist konzertsaalwürdig, von einem Schimmel in einem namhaften Konzertsaal wird man eher selten hören. Du aber kaufst ein Klavier. Da gibt es nur eins: Ohren aufsperren und das nehmen, was diesen eher zusagt. Hinsichtlich der Komponenten und Haltbarkeit.
  3. C. Bechstein Academy ist die Premiumklasse mit einem bemerkenswerten Klangprofil und einer hoch professionellen Spielart. W.Hoffmann bietet in drei Linien - vom Einsteiger bis zum Profi - herausragende Qualitäts-Klaviere und -Flügel aus Tschechien, made by C. Bechstein Europe. Die günstige Linie Zimmermann: Zuverlässigkeit von Anfang an
  4. Dann kommt der Steinway, Blüthner und C. Bechstein. Gemerkt hab ich an mir während der Suche, dass das Spielgefühl höhere Priorität hat als der Klang und das gilt heute noch. Drum entschied ich mich für Steinway, mit der Zeit gewönt man sich auch an den Klang. In den YouTube-Aufnahmen, oder Aufnahmen allgemein merkt man den Unterschied kaum. Am Instrument beim Spielen kann man alles am.

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Steinway Model O. PRICE: £18,000 - 30,000 (2013) restored or reconditioned. DIMENSIONS: height 97 x width 146 x depth 180 Steinway grand pianos made during this period generally have a very rich tone throughout their range. However, they have often originally been bought by musicians who have played them extensively, as a result they may have worn hammers making them sound weak or dull In another venue I tried a Steinway B and a D and liked the D a lot. The B not so much. Perhaps the store had not prepped it to my taste. Anyway, after trying dozens of pianos, I bought a Mason-Hamlin BB in polished ebony circa 2004. Wonderful tone and touch and in my price range. I think a C. Bechstein, a Steinway or any top piano might appeal. (For example: Bösendorfer, Bechstein, Fazioli, Blüthner and Mason & Hamlin are all top notch pianos with rich histories.) In fact, if you look in the latest supplement to The Piano Book, by Larry Fine, New York made Steinway pianos are rated in the 3rd rank of pianos according to manufacturing quality. So why is Steinway recognized as the undisputed leader? In a word: marketing. Just.

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Personally, I see Bosendorfer, Bechstein, and Steinways on the same level. All having magnificent action, sound quality and projection abilities, Bosendorfers being my favourite. From my standpoint, i do feel that Steinway is overrated due to Steinway's magnificent marketing abilities. Steinway, as a company produces roughly 4,000 pianos a year and most of them are either a hit or a miss. I. Piano World Home Page Forums Our Most Popular Forums Piano Forum Steinway vs C. Bechstein vs Fazioli: Forums Calendar Active Threads: SEARCH Piano Forums & Piano World (ad) Petrof Pianos (ad) Pianoteq (ad) Piano Life Saver - Dampp Chaser: Find a Professional: Our Classified Ads Find Piano Professionals-*Piano Dealers - Piano Stores *Piano Tuners *Piano Teachers *Piano Movers *Piano. The 'slow' Steinway dampers work perfectly for this. Bechstein and top end Yamaha, they don't hold up. Steinway are made to be loud and brash, I guess it's the difference between American and European ;-) level 1. 0 points · 6 years ago. From what I hear, Yamahas are more consistent, whereas Steinways have more personality. View entire discussion ( 19 comments) More posts from the piano. Steinway D, Steinway B, Bechstein + other instruments . Depending on your Pianoteq version (Stage, Standard, or PRO), you can choose 2, 3, or 4 instruments packs from the library. all 127 layers (MIDI limit) 5 perspectives (Standard/PRO versions only) 50 MB. Review. Ivory II . Buy Now. Synthogy. Sampled. Bösendorfer Imperial 290, Steinway D, Yamaha C7. up to 18 layers. 77 GB. Review.

Have a listen to a comparison of Steinway vs Bosendorfer piano sound here. Bosendorfers have a unique construction. For example, the rim is built with several spruce layers as well as a removable capo d'astro bar. The thickness of the spruce rim allows for better resonation. Bosendorfer also uses more spruce wood than other piano builders. The strings are unique in that Bosendorfer spins. Another store also has the Bechstein 190, its a 6'3 and the price is $33,000. I really loved the sound of both pianos, both quite distinct but its hard to decide between them. I guess i am also concerned about getting a good price. I also played two bosendorfers which were simply amazing. There is a consistency and complxity to their pianos which really appealed to me. If anyone has an idea. Steinway vs. Fazioli (Read 60408 times) candypiano. PS Silver Member; Newbie; Posts: 11; Steinway vs. Fazioli « on: April 09, 2012, 06:14:28 AM » Just curious, if you were to choose between same size Steinway and Fazioli, which you'll choose and why. Logged birba. PS Silver Member; Sr. Member; Posts: 3738; Re: Steinway vs. Fazioli «Reply #1 on: April 09, 2012, 07:29:57 AM » IF I had the. Of these, the C. Bechstein B212 is the closest in design philosophy to the Steinway, though it has pushed forward in terms of technology and precision in both design and manufacture. Fazioli as well is known for extremely precise cabinetry and use of technology in its building processes. There is also some debate amongst piano aficionados over whether the New York Steinway factory is the. Bechstein vs Steinway. Bechstein vs Steinway. Odgovor 1: Odgovor vseh bi bil oseben, saj vse znamke izdelujejo odlične klavirje. Če rečem, da se nekateri klavirji bolje ujemajo s tistim, kar iščem v klavirju, kot drugi. Primerjal bom samo njihove koncertne grand klavirje. Pravkar sem igral recital v Berliner Philharmonie in sem bil nekoliko presenečen, ko sem videl, da je bil instrument.

The current state of C. Bechstein reminds me so much of NY Steinway from the later 1800s in New York - constantly evolving, constantly pushing themselves, and leading through innovation and quality. I think C. Bechstein is very much is enjoying a similar moment in their history, but rather than 120, 130 years ago, it's happening right. Whichis pretty cool for those of us involved in the. C. Bechstein. Of the many fine high-end pianos made in Europe today, C. Bechstein is one of the finest. Managed and run by highly trained piano technicians, C. Bechstein is exacting in its commitment to using only the finest materials from around the world and to maintaining the highest standards of workmanship. C. Bechstein stands out because the company has developed a remarkable synergy. What Yamaha piano or what Steinway? A new Steinway and new Yamaha? If so, what size Steinway? New York or Hamburg. Please be aware that Steinway makes upper-tier pianos while Yamaha makes budget to upper-tier pianos that are on the same level of S.. Die neue digitale Bechstein-Sparte hat zusammen mit dem japanische Elektronik-Unternehmen Casio ein digitales Hybrid-Piano auf den Markt gebracht. Das heißt, es verfügt lediglich über einen digitalen Klangerzeuger verbunden mit einigen analogen Elementen, aus dem bislang ausschließlich das akustische Piano seinen Mehr-Wert generierte. Wir sprechen von dem Model Grotrian-Steinweg's history dates back to 1835 when the first Steinweg piano factory was built by Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg (later known as Henry Steinway after his emigration to the US where he founded Steinway & Sons).In 1856, Friedrich Grotrian became a partner; in 1865 his son Wilhelm Grotrian and two associates bought the factory and the right to market their pianos as successors to the.

The Steinway Model A is thought by some to be one of the best Steinway models to own in a domestic setting, being large enough to produce a tone of great depth but not so big that it overpowers the space. This is an important consideration for private buyers, less so of course concert venues, which is why the larger Steinway grand pianos are seen more often in venue or educational settings. C. Bechstein piano factory was founded on 1 October 1853 by Carl Bechstein in Berlin, Germany. Carl Bechstein set out to manufacture a piano able to withstand the great demands imposed on the instrument by the virtuosi of the time, such as Franz Liszt Steinway Cost vs Yamaha Cost. One of the reasons people ask about Steinway and Yamaha is because their price points are so wide in contrast. The. Eine Freundin von mir hat einen Yamaha-Flügel und ist sehr begeistert von dem Instrument, ich selbst habe kürzlich auf einem Flügel der Konzertklasse (S4) von Yamaha gespielt und war ebenfalls erstaunt über das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. Als.

Go straight North [meet those cold blue eyes..] and the clarity and stunning power of Hamburg Steinway, Grotrian and Ibach - to a somewhat lesser extent even - Schimmel! Favourite cakes: Donought shaped objects! [can be misused as almost lethal weapons...] Go to the South and imagine a mix of all of the above with some of the most interesting colourations in between: Boesendorfer,Sauter,Seiler. Klavierkauf: Bechstein 124 vs. Grotrian 124 - Dynamikstufen?! Der Franz Liszt C. Bechstein von 1862 - restauriert: Flügelkauf: Neu oder alt, Bechstein, Steinway o.a. Bechstein B - Bechstein V: C.Bechstein a114 modern oder Steingraeber 122 T SFM(3.Pedal Der Unterschied zu den Bechstein ist wohl hauptsächlich, dass sie in Tschechien gefertigt werden, bei dieser Serie aber von den Materialien nicht mehr schlechter. Hat jemand von euch schon mal so etwas Probe gespielt und kann mir seine Meinung sagen? Weiterhin steht man ja dann auch immer vor dem Problem Flügel vs. Upright. Ich muss schon. Steinway Vs Yamaha. Source(s): https://shrinke.im/a05a0. 0 0. Anonymous. 7 years ago. I like Steinway best. But you can pick Yamaha if you like it. Some Yamahas sound nice, but I prefer Steinway. Yes, bechstein sounds good too. My favourite piano is Czech though, Petrof, I love hard key pianos best. Btw, Yamaha doesn't cost less. I am a Pianist and had to choose between Yamaha, Steinway and.

In that end, I have worked on most of the finest pianists in the world, including Baldwin, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Bechstein, Bösendorfer, Ibach, Blüthner, the most noted Yamaha concert grands, and Kawai. (No Faziolis yet, no Gaveaus, and only one each of Pleyel and Erard. They were very old and I didn't like either one.) I have a love affair with BALDWIN pianos. In fact, I currently own a. Bechstein has a new silent-piano option, called Vario, that can be built into any of its instruments. This option allows you to mute the acoustic piano and turn on an extensively sampled sound of a C. Bechstein concert grand, which can be listened to through headphones for silent play. Optical key and pedal sensors transmit MIDI information for the control of music software. The Vario system. Check out this comparison of Yamaha vs. Steinway here. Joshua Ross. Hello & thanks for stopping by! I'm a professional concert pianist and piano instructor. In the United States, I've given successful performances in several places including New York, Florida, Connecticut, & New Jersey, I have also performed internationally in Italy and made my Carnegie Hall debut in 2014. I enjoy blogging. Schimmel Pianos vs Steinway Pianos February 10, 2012. By Blake Cooper. Choosing your grand piano depends a lot on what kind of piano player you are and what . musical tones you prefer. Each piano maker crafts a different product with different advantages for each variety of player. But even with differences and personal preferences, some piano brands stand out as exceptional products, no. Bosendorfer vs steinway. The retail cost of concert New York Steinway or Vienna Bosendorfer is about $200,000. The high cost is due to the fact that these instruments are entirely handcrafted and take at least two years to make. Other pianos that rival these in quality are the Italian Fazioli or the German Bechstein Both Bosendorfer and Steinway have longed ranked at the top of the list when.

Compare Steinway Model S vs Model M. Kawai: Model GM-1 4' 9 PLAYER Grand (S/N 2249846) (C-0005-25) Ebony Polish: Used c. Steinway & Sons - Battle of the Brands. Reviewing the great musical instruments of history is one of the most special and unique aspects of what we do here at Merriam Pianos, and few comparisons have the same gravitas and lineage as the Steinway Model B (known unofficially. Steinway flügel preisliste 2020. Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Steinway‬! Schau Dir Angebote von ‪Steinway‬ auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter Grotrian-Steinweg Flügel gebraucht in großer Auswahl - tagesaktuell be Steinway & Sons veröffentlicht keine Preise für neue Flügel und Klaviere in digitalen Medien. . Dennoch ist es möglich, eine persönliche. The C. Bechstein factory also offers a wide range of not only upright pianos but also grand pianos. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a new C. Bechstein. When you have smaller financial possibilities, there are a lot of used Bechstein pianos on the market, which, despite their long-term use, often are properly cared for by a professional piano technician, which will serve you for the.

Bechstein. MODEL: Bechstein 10 (c.1902-1930) PRICE: £3,500 - £5,500 (2013) precisely reconditioned DIMENSIONS: height 129 x width 146 x depth 6 Während der Steinway D 274 der Klassiker in jedem Konzertsaal ist, passt er mit fast 3 m wohl kaum in den privaten Wohnbereich. Für die private Nutzung und auch für kleinere Säle wird meist der B-211 verwendet.Er wurde der klassische Steinway in allen Musikhochschulen und auch das typische Übungsinstrument der Pianisten

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Silent Pianos sind eine von Yamaha entwickelte Technik, ein ansonsten konventionelles Klavier über eine sogenannte Silent-Ausstattung um eine digitale Musikausgabe zu ergänzen. So ist es möglich, das Klavierspiel statt über die normalen Saiten über einen Kopfhörer oder eine Stereoanlage auszugeben. Zusätzlich kann durch das mittlere Pedal das Klavier stummgestellt werden, so dass die. Wie bieten Ihnen neue Klaviere folgender Hersteller wie z.B. Blüthner, Boston, Haessler (made by Blüthner), Irmler, Piano Kawai, Pianos, Pfeiffer, Rönisch, Seiler, Yamaha pianoworld und viele mehr

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Gebrauchte Steinway & Sons Flügel erfreuen sich besonderer Beliebtheit bei Kunden die einfach das klanglich Beste wollen. Gerade klanglich heben sich Steinway & Sons Klaviere und Flügel von anderen Marken ab und erfreuen sich größter Beliebtheit bei Flügelspielern. C.Bechstein Flügel bieten dagegen einen etwas runderen Ton und sind. Why purchase a used Bechstein piano? A visit to Coach House showrooms offers you the unique opportunity to see, hear and try used Bechstein pianos alongside the other leading top quality brands such as Blüthner, Bösendorfer, Grotrian-Steinweg and Steinway & Sons in order to make an informed choice according to your individual preference Steinway Model V vs Bluthner Style 10 (Read 5814 times) classical72. PS Silver Member; Newbie; Posts: 4; Steinway Model V vs Bluthner Style 10 « on: June 22, 2012, 11:21:15 AM » I'm in the lucky position to have a 1936 Model V Steinway upright. I have been offered a recently refurbished Bluthner Style 10 Grand Piano (7'10 Aliquot strung 1906). Should I change? What should I consider? I'm. Ein Steinway, der das nicht hat, muss also min. NOW SOLD Compare with other quality Bosendorfer, Steinway, Bechstein and Yamaha uprights. Conclusion SoundFonts are a great way to add diversity to your music production. Bosendorfer-214VC 214VC in Ebony Polish. Can someone report on how easy/difficult it is to import EastWest's Steinway B or Bosendorfer into. We are an affiliate of Faust.

Topic: Pianoteq C. Bechstein Digital Grand vs. C. Bechstein Digital Grand Owning and using the C. Bechstein Digital Grand since almost 2 years now, I just made a quick comparison between the original and the new Pianoteq 6.4 implementation Steinway NYC vs Hamburg. Im Moment sind solche Instrumente nach der Renovierung nicht leicht erhältlich, sie sind sehr wertvoll und wir werden sie nicht in jedem Geschäft finden. Sie werden von Pianisten und Experten der Klavierindustrie sehr geschätzt. Dies ist auch darauf zurückzuführen, dass der Steinway K bis etwa 1930 in Amerika in der Steinway-Fabrik NYC (Great Depression.

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Wählen Sie aus 19 zum Verkauf stehenden Anzeigen von Steinway & Sons C-227. Gebrauchte und neue Steinway & Sons C-227 - Liste der vertikalen Klaviere und Flügel. Prüfen Sie die Preise Angebot: Flügel - Steinway & Sons - B-211 kaufen. Steinway & Sons B-211 SPIRIO. Sehr junger B-211 Flügel mit Spirio-Selbstspielsystem. Unser Vorführmodell eingespielt und mit Signatur von Yuja Wang. im Klavierportal Pianova Das Bechstein Klavier A 124 Imposant hat alles, was ein Oberklasse-Piano haben kann: Wertvolle Materialien werden geformt und liebevoll verarbeitet. Dieses hervorragende Klavier ist das Ergebnis einer verantwortungsbewussten Produktion in der wohl modernsten High-End-Klavier-Fertigung der Welt. Das Bechstein Klavier A 124 Imposant hat ein elegantes Chassis, das fantastisch aussieht. Das.

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Bechsteins are better than both. Reply. Steven van Staden says: September 30, 2019 at 5:19 pm It depends of course on the individual piano, but I find the new Hamburg Steinways clangy (to. Steinway Model B vs C. Bechstein B 212 Grand Piano Comparison, Review & Demo by Merriam Pianos. Posted on December 4, 2019 February 10, 2020 by Merriam Music. 04 Dec  Introduction Reviewing the great musical instruments of history is one of the most special and unique aspects of what we do here at Merriam Pianos, and few comparisons have the same gravitas and lineage as the Steinway. Theodor Steinway also makes various overtures to Bülow, but the pianist soon understands that the Brunswick manufacturer intends to take him over after he had praised a Steinway grand on the occasion of a concert given in Berlin. As of now, Bülow — who can be disarmingly straightforward — is to publicly affirm his preference for Bechstein's colourful piano, even though he. Der »Economist« schrieb im Juni desselben Jahres: Steinway, Blüthner und Bechstein mögen nicht zustimmen, aber manche Künstler glauben, dass Fazioli jetzt die besten Flügel der Welt baut. Der Absatz nahm nun deutlich zu. Paolo Fazioli hatte ein paar Jahre zuvor eine neue Fabrik mit klimatisierten Räumen für die Trocknung des Holzes gebaut, ein Labor für Experimente und einen.

Steinway Model B vs C. Bechstein B 212 Video Transcription Hi, everybody. I'm Stu Harrison. I'm here at Merriam Pianos and we're at the main Oakville showroom just outside of Toronto, Canada. Thank you so much for joining us for yet another piano review. Today is going to be a shootout that people have been asking about for months. On my right, we are fortunate to have with us a Steinway B. At some times I had a Steinway D side by side with a C. Bechstein EN 9'2″. Only then everyone can easily realize the incredible superiority of the Bechstein. Oddly enough, all of my Steinways were selling quickly and to this date, I am still in possession of my C. Bechstein EN. Now, I really have to sell it due to my age and the necessity to down size my home. And I know that this will be. Der bekannteste und am weitesten verbreitete Konzertflügel, der Steinway D-274 von Steinway & Sons, C. Bechstein-Klaviere Gewicht. Concert 8, 131 cm, 258 kg Elegance 124, 124 cm, 255 kg Classic 118, 118 cm, 238 kg Millenium 116 K, 116 cm, 250 kg. Essex-Klaviere Gewicht. EUP-123 FL Empire Studio, 123 cm, 257 kg EUP-123 E Classic Studio, 123 cm, 268 kg EUP 116 E, 116 cm, 236 kg EUP 111 E. There are probably several reasons, but one of them is that they are great at marketing, and they have been for a long time. TL;DR they are very diligent about making sure nobody famous ever touches a non-Steinway piano. If Steinway notices that.. Another option you might consider is Shigeru This is the marque launched by Kawai when they decided they wanted to play with the big boys, sort of like what Toyota did with the Lexus brand. I am not a pianist. I know what my fingers and ears like,..

Steinway & Sons (oft Steinway genannt) ist ein Hersteller von Flügeln und Klavieren.Das Unternehmen wurde von Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg (Henry E. Steinway) und seinen Söhnen 1853 in New York City gegründet.Seitdem hat Steinway & Sons mehr als 125 Patente erfolgreich angemeldet.. Flügel und Klaviere der Marke Steinway & Sons werden in Hamburg und New York gefertigt Ich finde es immer wieder beeindruckend, was manch alte Instrumente von Bechstein und Steinway noch hergeben. Ich konnte mir ein ziemlich gutes Bild von dem Klang des Flügels machen. AB weit gefällt mir persönlich am besten, obwohl die Nahaufnahmen auch nicht schlecht sind. Hier kommt es dann darauf an, was für ein Stück gespielt wird und ob man Klavier solo hören möchte oder der. Steinway built over 450 pianos over the next decade and subsequently moved to New York with his family. His company Steinway & Sons was set up in 1853 on the West Side of Manhattan, the same year that Bechstein and Blüthner were founded. Within a year, Steinway was producing pianos at a rate of 2 per week. The amount of pianos increased from. Welcome to C. Bechstein! Top quality since 1853: the C. Bechstein name is synonymous with exquisite grand and upright pianos made in Germany. Discover our other brands - Outstanding quality for ambitious beginners and professional pianists alike

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A little about Steinway . Steinway & Sons are possibly the most well-known piano manufacturer in the world. Every Steinway & Sons piano takes over a year to be built by their master craftsman and each piano is made of more than 12,000 parts. Steinway was founded in 1853 by German immigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway in Manhatten, New York Hamburg Steinway vs. New York Steinway: The REAL differences May 24, 2019; THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW, PART 1 June 5, 2018; Welcome To David Andersen Pianos. Artisanal, custom-rebuilt vintage Steinways, significantly superior to and less expensive than new models. Ask us how. Sign Up for my Newsletter. CONTACT US. Phone: (310) 403-4559 E-Mail: David Andersen Pianos Pianos For Sale. Bechstein Mdl. I wanted to upgrade my piano so badly(it's an upright piano) to a grand piano...Not to mention the space constrain here but I have two choices swirling in my mind and. It will be very appropriate to say that piano is one of the most exquisite musical instruments and is extremely utilised in concerts and other functions, such as operas. So, in this article, we will be discussing the rivalry between two of the biggest piano manufacturing companies in the entire world, the Mason and Hamlin vs Steinway pianos Bechstein Academy pianos have a noble, colourful, elegant and harmonious voice. Their highly professional touch and distinctive sound profile — warm and pure, rich and full — make them universal, suitable for every musical purpose, whether for performance in private settings or as a working instrument for professionals. W.Hoffmann - European quality at an affordable price . The W. Bechstein Konzertflügel, 223 cm, Model C, grandioser Sound, Klang Test YouTube Steinway Model B vs C. Bechstein B 212 by Merriam Pianos - Duration: 28:20. Merriam. Bechstein hat im ersten Halbjahr 2010 rund 15 Millionen Euro umgesetzt. Damit hat es den starken Einbruch infolge der weltweiten Wirtschaftskrise gut verkraftet, im Gegensatz zu zahlreichen. Der C. Bechstein Digital Grand wurde.

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